About Us

About Us

The Resort


Heritage Resort a nature lover’s delight was founded in 1994, to give you the most comprehensive environmental and cultural experience. With an Ethnic Design, Beautiful Manicured Gardens, Waterfalls, Picturesque Landscape. The hotel features cottage style luxurious rooms with an ageless rustic beauty and private “Jarokhas” with an undisturbed view of dotted Aravalli hills & Shimmering Lake Bagela.


The Vision

Our First priority is to preserve the surroundings in their present pristine form. Most of the Vegetables and Fruits being used in the kitchen are grown in our own Farms, devoid of any Chemical, Fertilisers, Insecticide and Pesticides.

The Heritage Resort is the proud winner of the Environmental Award 1996 & 1997 (Green Hotelier) given by American Express TRS and International Hotel and Restaurant Association, in recognition of its efforts to improve environmental performance.